9TACTICAL Piligrim S CCW Sling BAG

Be prepared for any emergency by wearing the Piligrim S CCW Sling BAG from 9Tactical. Rugged, durable, and reliable, this high performance concealed carry Sling BAG blends into the crowd, allowing you to stay inconspicuous. The Piligrim S CCW BAG offers covert weapon storage, with quick-draw capabilities.

The Piligrim S CCW Sling BAG is adjustable for Right or Left Hand Use! The CCW BAG designed to be worn across the chest, the Piligrim offers quick, efficient access to internal storage. Low profile design Sling bag is a discreet option to carry your sidearm.

Designed for covert weapon carry, the Sling Bag employs a removable holster to inconspicuously hold medium to large-sized autos such as the Glock 17, Glock 19, Makarov PM or Ruger Sr9. Main compartment for carrying you handgun and magazine, smaller top compartment for carrying knife, flashlight or First Aid Kit. The main compartment has a rigid back with loop-sided Velcro, allowing the user to customize the bag with any hook-sided accessory.

«9TACTICAL Piligrim S CCW Sling BAG» :

External dimensions of the empty bag.

  • Height: 290 mm.
  • Width: 190 mm.
  • Thickness: 80 mm.

Dimensions of the central compartment of the bag.

  • Height: 215 mm.
  • Width: 175 mm.
  • Thickness: 35 mm.

How It Works. 9TACTICAL Piligrim S CCW Sling BAG.



130 USD