The 9Tactical Sling SQB (Small Quick Box) is a tactical bag for bodyguards and security officers made in the form factor of a sling. It allows you to comfortably accommodate a gun, a few extra magazines, keys and documents, a cellphone, a small tablet, a radio etc. The unique design of the bag for concealed carry provides a quick access to your weapon and extra magazines.

There is a possibility to use the bag and open the main compartment without revealing the presence of a weapon in it. The bag provides quick and convenient use both in the front and in the back positions. Unlike other concealed carry bags, 9Tactical Sling SQB provides quick and convenient access to your weapon, while driving a car and wearing a seat belt.

The tactical bag for concealed carry «9Tactical Sling SQB» is a special equipment for bodyguards, employees of state personal protection, but also can be used by civilian handgun owners. The bag is tested in rigorous training and real-world situations.

«9TACTICAL Sling SQB (Small Quick Box)» :

External dimensions of the empty bag.

  • Height: 300 mm.
  • Width: 240 mm.
  • Thickness: 120 mm.

Dimensions of the central compartment of the bag.

  • Height: 280 mm.
  • Width: 220 mm.
  • Thickness: 100 mm.


130 USD