9Tactical Sling LQB

An ideal choice for covert op fire support, the 9Tactical Sling LQB (Large Quick Box) is built to securely and covertly store a submachine gun or similar collapsible stock short arm while remaining inconspicuous. Additional features include integrated quick pull rope to ensure rapid and precise weapon deployment. The large main compartment of the 9Tactical LQB sling bag is roomy enough for all your gear, and offers multiple internal admin pockets to keep your smaller accessories organized.

The 9Tactical Sling LQB is a tactical bag for bodyguards and security officers. As a bodyguard, you need a the 9Tactical LQB sling bag ready at all times. You never know when you might be called on a mission. The LQB sling bag is a backpack containing all the gear you’ll need to run a successful operation.

  1. The 9Tactical Sling LQBavoid military-style camouflage ones, since these look out of place in the normal situations. Go for a black or plain colour pack with lots of pockets for storage.
  2. First Aid Kitthe most important piece of kit. A bodyguard will use their medical skills far more than their fighting skills and a good med kit could save a person’s life.
  3. Torchthis needs to be small, solid, rechargeable and powerful. Get one with a button switch – it’s tricky to twist your light on in the heat of a fight or when the adrenalin is flowing.
  4. Cameramake sure it has a video function. Useful to record faces in a crowd to identify a suspected threat, survey a location in advance, or document the scene of an incident.
  5. Comms Unitthe earpiece and radio unit will be your primary means of communication with the rest of the protection team. Get a small, discrete wireless unit with a long battery life.
  6. Smart PhoneInstall essential apps like maps, weather, traffic and news so you know what’s happening around you at all times. Plus it’s a second means of communication if comms breaks down or you’re in a dead spot.
  7. Spare penhave a pen if protecting someone famous in case they need to sign autographs. You don’t want to the risk of an attack while a fan searches for a pen
  8. Non-Lethal Defence weaponneeds to be small, concealable and non-lethal, such as the Dazzler, a laser that temporarily blinds an attacker, allowing you to escape with your VIP
  9. Sunglassesthe classic piece of bodyguard kit! Keeps the sun out of your eyes, but more importantly prevents people knowing where you’re looking!
  10. Handgun or small submachine gungiven that your carry weapon is a lifesaving tool, carrying a full-size pistol just may be the best decision you ever make.

There is a possibility to use the bag and open the main compartment without revealing the presence of a weapon in it. The bag provides quick and convenient use both in the front and in the back positions. Unlike other concealed carry bags, the 9Tactical Sling LQB bag provides quick and convenient access to your weapon, while driving a car and wearing a seat belt.

«9TACTICAL Sling LQB (Large Quick Box)» :

External dimensions of the empty bag.

  • Height: 400 mm.
  • Width: 280 mm.
  • Thickness: 120 mm.

Dimensions of the central compartment of the bag.

  • Height: 380 mm.
  • Width: 260 mm.
  • Thickness: 100 mm.


175 USD