On the market there is a great amount of bags dedicated to the concealed carry of small firearms, but the problem with choosing one with a fast draw time still remains. Most of these bags fulfill their dedicated function of hiding firearms, primarily for transporting them. However when it comes to draw of the weapons themselves, or even less so reloading them, the practical implications of these bags becomes zero. Another differing aspect of the majority of these bags made for concealed carry is their clearly militarized “tactical” design.


When a bag has such exaggerated features such as an abundance of fasteners and velcro, or even worse, military camo, how can it even be taken seriously by a civilian who needs it for an urban environment? It turns out that while the market is filled to the brim with these “tactical” bags, it is near impossible for civilians to find one that has ample functionality or modern design.


In 2009, Oleksandr Myroniuk, a past employee of the Administration of State Guard of Ukraine, began development on a concealed carry bag titled “Bag of the Bodyguard”. The goal was to create an original design tailored to the high functionality and field readiness required by bodyguards.

Several years of testing and research with different focus groups and special forces led to the final iteration of the «Bodyguard 9-XL». This bag gained immense popularity within many Ukrainian special forces groups, bodyguard agencies, and of course average gunowners.


The «Bodyguard 9-XL» was perfected over the years to have less and less of the downsides other tactical bags had, and also showed stunning results in terms of draw time of firearms and reload speeds. However its external design still lacked subtlety for casual use.


During mid-2014, Oleksandr began working on a new design. With decades of experience as a bodyguard, he knew exactly the features that it required.


Compared to older versions, the new «9TACTICAL Casual Bag» retained every positive attribute, and improved on the shortcomings of the «Bodyguard 9-XL». It was completely redesigned with a casual focus, to attract as little attention as possible. Now the bag could be worn in an urban environment or really anywhere without blatantly displaying its purpose.


The construction of this bag is so that the firearm is located behind the main compartment, and the holster is fully adjustable for any firearm. This system allows for the fastest possible draw of the weapon, clocking in at an average of about two seconds for an average shooter to unzip the bag, pull out the gun, turn off the safety, and fire. However a professional with enough practice could do all this in under a second.

The bag comes in two sizes, medium (model M) and large(model L). Although the functionality is identical, the size difference is noticeable. For the medium the largest fitting pistol is the Valter PP, Glock G17 or Ruger SR9, while for the larger bag it would be the Glock G34 or Beretta 92.

The casual urban appearance of this bag masks the innovation put behind its design. It allows for comfortable access to the weapon, its fast draw, fast access to additional magazines, and also a safe way to transport the weapon. The construction of the bag also deters others from being able to reach the weapon without the owner noticing. The bag also has a belt counterpart.


Model «S» is worn at the waistline instead of over-the-shoulder, and is more compact than either «M» or «L». This variation is still in its final testing phase and will be released shortly. It is more of a personal choice as it retains the functionality of the rest of the variants. Having tested all accessible concealed carry bags on the Ukrainian market, personally, I chose this bag for its excellent design and high functionality.