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About 9Tactical LLC

The 9Tactical is a manufacturer of concealed carry bags and special equipment for: police, military, security forces, and civilian gun owners. Each product from the 9Tactical product line is a highly efficient and innovative tactical device with advanced capabilities and stealthy design.

9TACTICAL Black Casual Bag L

Rigorous testing in real world and military applications has resulted in a product that provides: stealth, maximum agility, fast weapon deployment, compactness and comfort.

Our entire product line is focused on rapid weapon deployment and reloading from a comfortable stealthy design.

9TACTICAL Black Casual Bag S

Proper accommodation of all necessary items and devices allows quick and more efficient use (radio, video equipment, lights, knives, medical kits, etc.). Everyone will be able to choose a bag of specific size/model according his needs and performed tasks.

9TACTICAL Black Casual Bag L AND M

Our products are more a holster with a bag than a bag for concealed carry weapons.

Bags will look naturally both on a law enforcement personnel and on a urban dweller.

We combine the reliability of materials and technologies for military equipment with an attractive civil style